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This is a public repository of stuff that I have scraped off the internet, collated or painstackingly re-created for my own delight & convienience.
This website has been created mostly out of sentimental fondness, I'm not a hard core gamer any longer.
I'm a curious front-end developer.

There it is, full disclosure. TITAN's game design and graphics hold a magical appeal and this is the reason for the site. Recently my technical curiosity, for WebGL lead me to learn BabylonJs, and I set myself the objective to recreated tic-tac-toe. I like having a project when learing a new frame work. So I set about turning the old familiar two player trivial matrix, into a multiplayer three dimentional matrix, with point accumulation for scoring the winner and a special out-right victory condition, that awards the strategic player. It's like noughts-and-crossed on a Rubiks cube, where the size of the cube is a variable, and you can have human or random opponents. When that was done I wanted a different project that would present a more complex gameplay, and I remembered TITAN. The idea was ... "what if TITAN was an interactive 3D masterboard and battlelands?"

So I looked around and discovered a really active comminuty, with amazing implimentations and regular activity, so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I have resoted to spend my time on more graphical interpretations, using Blender and low poly models, to see what TITAN might have looked like.

TITAN is very seductive, a complex and a phenominal work of design and it has taken ages to systematically recreate the board, battle fields and legion creatures, which are required assets for the 3D concept art. So I give these to you, and perhaps you will find them valuable. Enjoy!